Is there a way to default to the legacy UI?

Recently the Prismic CMS UI has switched to a more modern look, however there several features that are not yet supported and necessitate switching back to the previous (legacy) UI.

This is an annoyance for our client, because they have to switch (and remember to do so) each time they sign in to use the editor.

Is there a way, at least until there is feature parity to default to the legacy editor?

Additionally, is there an estimate of how long until there is feature parity between the old/new editors?

Hi Rich,

The Alpha of the new page builder is not activated by default; it would have to have been requested to be activated by someone from your team.

If you would like to return to the legacy page builder you can send me your repo URL and I can process that for you. (So I'm not sure how your client is turning this on and off.)

So that makes me wonder are your talking about the page editor?

Or Slice Machine / Custom Type builder?


Hi Phil,

Yes, the Page Builder. The client is toggling it on/off using the 'Revert to Legacy Editor' menu option has discussed here:

I don't recall turning this feature on in any way - or have we defaulted to it because we are using slice machine?

AFAIK nobody requested it be turned on.
Can this repo (alchemywealth) be reverted to legacy page builder?

No this wouldn't have been the case. Maybe someone in your team requested it?

We've reverted it for you now either way. :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks!