Option to start a project on the old page builder?

Hi there,

Is there an option to start a project on the old page builder? My client simply does not like the new page builder, and see's it as a step backwards – particular the design seems to be lacking in hierarchy which they find hard to use.

I was wondering if there is an option to lock a repository into the old page builder?

(I realise I can do this by contacting support, but this seems like a drawn out process for something I have many requests for)


Hi @grafik , not for the time being.

Can you elaborate on this idea though "the design seems to be lacking in hierarchy which they find hard to use."?


Thanks Guy, they are used to the old editor and some of feedback I have had is below, some which I can't argue with.

  1. "The tabbed area is not at all noticeable, it looks like tags rather than tabs"
  2. "The actual editing area is now confined to a tiny part of the screen"
  3. "The lack of colour makes the interface hard to understand as there is nothing clearly defining each element."

How do I go about getting them back on the old editor?

Hey @grafik,

The team is aware of the above feedback and is taking it into consideration for future updates.

If you wish to move a repo to the legacy editor you can send us a message here:

I have to agree with you @grafik - the new editor looked good when I first saw it in a demo video, but once I started using it, I quickly found out that it has serious UX issues.

If I have to do anything but a simple copy change, I always revert back to the Legacy Editor. I'm worried about asking if the rest of the marketing team feels the same way because I hyped the new editor so much over the last year

Hi Nik, thanks for passing on the feedback. I agree that we can improve the experience around the editing area (i.e. making it bigger), particularly in cases where there are no slices and make it responsive so that it works better with larger screens and the content editing component is larger. We are continually iterating on the Page Builder and hope we can address some of the concerns you've raised with some of the changes we're bringing.

Hi @kris1 , I would be keen to hear more about some of the UX issues you've experienced. Would you have some time to discuss?