New writing room interface feedback. Can the legacy editor be made a permanent option?

I think the topic spells it out, however, is there an option to make the legacy editor the default for creating new and editing existing content?

You can request the legacy editor to be your default. I don’t know how long it will be supported.

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The in-app chat functionality seems to have disappeared, but thanks for the tip :+1:

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Hey George,

If you create a new repository, the Page Builder will be activated by default. However, we can disable it for your repository on our side. If you would like us to disable it, just submit a request through our support portal:


While we're on the topic, I'd love to know a little more about why you don't like the new UI! We really appreciate any and all feedback.

Sam, just a few points that we've come across with the new editor:

  1. When creating a new page you are no longer given the option to choose between Custom Types.
  2. It's impossible to create a slug with a dot. The editor simply won't allow a dot to be typed into the field. You can't even type a slash. This makes it a non-starter. We simply can't use it.
  3. There is an info box in the top-left "Preview your Slices in real time" which cannot be dismissed.
  4. This next one is just my opinion, but the layout feels very claustrophobic. Why go from a full-width page to only 1200px. I could maybe see the point if the page was responsive, but it's not. It really feels like a retrograde step.

I hope this helps.



It has been my experience that when you click the pencil and are not given the option of what type you want to create, this is due to the fact that I've had no other possible type I can make. For instance, I have a "settings" custom type (single), "homepage" page type (also single), "page" page type (repeatable). If I've published my settings and homepage documents and then click the pencil to create a new document, the only thing I could possibly create would be a Page so it takes me right to it.

Did I explain that clearly? Sometimes things make sense in my head while I'm "in the flow state" but aren't always as clear as I thought they were.

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Neil, you are indeed correct! This is a new project and in our haste to set it up, the second custom type was set to single.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the feedback John! I'll pass it along.

I want to add to this.

The new editor really does not feel like ready for release.
The first round we got it forced upon us, we actually had to ask you to set the legacy editor as default, since we had breaking bugs in the new one (the legacy slices could not be added and tabs design could not handle more than a couple of tabs before it screwed the entire page).

For a second time, we are forced to use the new editor. The breaking bugs from last time are gone, so this is good at least.
Since I get the feeling that the legacy editor is living on borrowed time, Im trying to use the new as much as possible to get used to it. When teaching our editors how to use the writing room it is now in the new version. This makes the following limitations worse, because it is hard enough to get our editors to understand one version of the writing room.
To have to tell them "To do this, you have to go into the Legacy editor", which looks completely different is not feasible.

Some limitations:

  1. It is not possible to add hyperlinks to images in the Rich Text fields.

  2. It is not possible to scale up images larger than their original size. Yes, it would be better if the editors uploaded a image of the correct size, but it is inconvenient to have to tell them.

  3. Missing version history.

  4. Legacy slices icons are missing. I guess you dont want to put your energy on keeping this alive, but I can tell you it could take years before we will be able to transition away from this.

  5. I find this thread that has been active since 2020, and I really hope the new Rich Text editor will enable you to add new features, because right now this feels like a step back. For example I had one editor that needed help finding the formatting options, as it was not intuitive that one had to write "/" or mark the text to trigger the overlay.

  6. Slugs. Yes, I know these has been deprecated for a while now. But I guess what Im missing is a heads up before the slug suddenly is replaced with a "-" when saving a document in the new writing room. This created breaking bugs for us.

  7. Poor documentation / guides for the content managers. I can only find this. The rest is still guides for Legacy? Or am I missing something?

The new editor is also missing the rich-text "Labels" features... It's also quite slow to load, IMO.
Can you please make it easier for one to enable legacy by default? I am happy to give some feedbacks, but honestly hitting "Legacy editor" dozens of times a day is painful. It makes us lose a lot of time.


As stated above Alban, you can request your repo be moved to the legacy builder by default in the support portal. Just provide us with your repo URL:

Hi @alexander.hagen, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

This is the intention of creating the new builder. Once the new builder is fully released, we will have the flexibility to quickly iterate and add new features based on feedback from users like you.

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As Alban L. stated, the new editor is also missing the rich-text "Labels" features. What is the ETA on that ?

New editor doesn't provide any custom Publish options (to a release, scheduled, etc...). It should be added ASAP. Thanks

Hi @nabla ,

When I'm in the page builder and I have a document ready to publish or move to a release, I click on the calendar icon and get the following modal



Hi Johnathan,

The work to add the rich-text "Labels" is currently in progress and should be complete in the next week or so.


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