Disable new editor experience globally and permanently?


I was wondering if it was possible to revert to the "legacy editor" for all documents by default. Currently, every time you open a document the new editor is displayed by default and you have to manually switch over to the legacy editor. There is currently a bug where Timestamp's fields return NULL in Nextjs when they are saved with the new editor (URGENT BUG: Timestamp fields in the new editor experience return NULL). Having to manually switch to the legacy editor everytime just to save the timestamp is very cumbersome for my clients.

Thanks and kind regards,

Hi Dries,

We have moved your repository to the legacy editor :slight_smile:

For anyone else who would like to be moved to the legacy editor, you can send us a message with your repository URL here:


We would like to change back also. We had no idea this was even changing and want to keep using the legacy editor. The whole reason we got this software was the easy drag and drop interface and ability to train and use it easily.

Have just requested to move our repo back, as for some reason publishing content from the new editor does not appear to be triggering our existing webhooks.

@mike4 I can see that you also submitted a request for this on our support portal. Someone will process your request from there. Cheers.