Where is the HTML?

So Im following this tutorial on how to setup Gatsby with Prismic.

So far I have copied everything line for line, but Im running into one problem, graphql cant find the html to generate template components. For example the tutorial suggests using this graphql query to create pages.

But Im getting an error saying there is no content field.

After looking at the Gatsby graphql editor this seems to be true.

Im able to retrieve and look at the other parts of my post like title and body text. Has the Prismic api changed since this tutorial, if so how do I get the html?

Im also a graphql newbie so forgive me if Im overlooking something obvious.

nevermind dumb error on my part, the key name i set in the schemas prop in gatsby-config didnt match the api id I set for the content model in the prismic console.

Hi Mohammad,

Thanks for letting us know, please don't hesitate to reach to us if you need any further help.