Which plan for a multi language project?

Hey Prismic!
I have a question about user roles, multi language support and which plan I need to choose.

I've setup a small CMS with customtypes which can managed in multiple languages.

Use case:
I want to assign a user for each language in the CMS so she/he is responsible for the content in that language. In an ideal world she/he is not able to access or modify pages in languages other than granted access to.

Which plan should I choose to make this happen? If I look at the different plans I only see 'Roles per locale' at the Enterprise plan. Which seems a bit of an overkill for this small project.

Thanks for you advice in advance!
Best, Kees

Hello @keesvandorp, thanks for reaching out.

Yes, Roles per locale are only available for Enterprise plans. In Basic plans, all users have the role of Administrator.

You can email Noor from the Just in time team at noor.simreekheea@prismic.io. She’ll get someone to provide the pricing to you as a general knowledge step for this project or future projects!

Hi Pau,
Thanks for your response!

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