New pricing model and existing repository - Locales limit

Hi, I noticed that the pricing model have changed recently:

I can understand changing the unlimited API calls on free and lower tiers but I'm really not happy about the new locales limitation - limit of 2 for "Individuals and teams"? It's not getting better for "Organizations" - 3 at the first tier and only 8 at the most expensive tier?

If I have a simple website in a country like Switzerland I have to translate it into 4 different languages, unfortunately just to have an ability to add 4 locales I have to buy the highest tier as locales is all I need. This seems completely unreasonable and is killing the localization feature for small teams/websites.

How come it was unlimited locales before and now it's only 2-3? I think you should consider increasing locales with each pricing tier... Free tier is ok to have two. But paid plans MUST have more!
Even if your cost are high for having multiple locales for some reason why not offer something like "additional locale +$2/month" even this would be so much better than limiting small teams to a static number that cannot be increased over 3 without paying $575 / month....

The second part of my question is about existing repositories being built on previous Free plan.

What happens if I started building my app with 6 locales on Free plan and now I want to upgrade and move to "$20 - Small" plan? I have 6 locales on my project - am I still on the previous plan and it will preserve them after the upgrade? Or will it remove 4 locales from my repository, if so which ones? And what happens to all the content that I put for all locales? Will it be wiped?

I have multiple projects like that soon ready to be moved into bigger plans and it would be a shame that I have to try looking for a different CMS solution with rewriting tons of code and inputting translations...


Hi David, thank you for reaching out and expressing your concerns regarding the recent updates to our pricing structure. At Prismic, we are committed to ensuring that our pricing remains fair, transparent, and aligned with the value we provide.

The new plans are crafted to align with a company’s usage of Prismic, which is a reflection of the value they’re extracting out of our product, resulting in a higher cost. To address the specific concerns you raised:

  • Why are these limits being introduced now?
    These limits are set to ensure fair usage, align pricing with the value and resources consumed, and to maintain Prismic as an accessible option for individuals and small companies.

  • How were the limits for API calls, CDN bandwidth, and locales determined?
    The limits were established following a thorough analysis of usage patterns and value delivered to different user segments, ensuring Prismic remains a generous offer in the hosted Headless CMS industry.

  • What happens with existing repositories on the Free plan?
    The new pricing adjustments took effect starting October 1st, 2023. Any usage beyond the specified limits from this date onward will be subject to the new terms outlined in our updated pricing structure. It’s possible that you might not receive an immediate warning or prompt to upgrade your plan when you add/have more than 2 locales, while staying on the Free plan or upgrading to a Small plan. This could be due to a delay in the system or an oversight. I would recommend sticking to the stated limits to avoid any potential issues in the future.

Hi Andrea,

I agree with new limits on other stuff as it makes perfect sense to me - but limiting locales to such a small number I cannot agree with - 2 and 3 on basic plans is not enough for anyone, we are in era of internationalisation and it's almost always a requirement in Europe to have at least 3 languages on average.

It just doesn't make sense to me vs the new pricing model, it feels like it's been just copied from other CMS (not gonna state which one) without considering smaller agencies and freelancers using your product.

I have 6 locales currently on one of the projects. So you are telling me that 4 of them are going to disappear when I'm going to upgrade my plan? Which ones? :confused:

How can I downgrade my project to 2 locales now when the main requirement is to have 6 and it's all already in place?? I still don't know what will happen to all my projects where I have 3+ locales on smaller plans... Can you please provide more information in regards to this? I can't end up paying $575 a month per project just to keep them running with more locales, it's outrageous!

Another questions I have now - if I want to go for 'Custom' plan and want to add more locales ONLY what would be the price in this case? I want everything on "Small" plan but with 4-8 locales (depending on project) and no other features from higher plans - is this even possible to do? I don't mind paying a little bit more to have additional locales. There must be some solution in place for developers like myself!

Don't get me wrong - I like Prismic very much and it's an amazing product with great value for the price but the new locales limit... I really don't want to be forced to migrate to another CMS just because of that.


I do share your concern.

As a Freelancer I use Prismic to build websites for my customers - mostly small business companies.
Especially here in Switzerland we need to be able to support 3-4 languages, even if the sites are small and simple.
I cannot present my customers a CMS solution for 125$ or even 575$ a month while they know that their competitors pay around 12$ for their Websites... (Of course, you can't compare other CMSs to Prismic, but for people who are not really into web development it might be hard to understand the difference and to see the benefits for this huge price step)

I really love Prismic and it is the first CMS that let's me create really individual applications with a modern tech stack while offering clients to fully control the content and the pages - and I really do hope that it stays payable... :sparkles: :smiling_face:


Does this also apply to smaller paid plans (e.g. "small" or "medium") that use more than 2 locales? In the case of "small" plans, that would mean a jump from $15 to $500 a month (paid annually).


This is one of the biggest concerns I have.

I have a few projects in production with multiple locales, anywhere between 3-6. Jumping from $15-20 / month to $500-575 just for the additional locales is completely insane!
I really hope Prismic can figure something out for us :pray:


Hello David, Andre, Leopold,
Thank you for reaching out and expressing your concerns regarding our recent pricing change, particularly regarding the limitation and billing of locales and localization.
We understand that localization is a crucial aspect of content management, and it's often used to cater to a broader audience. However, we also acknowledge that there are unique cases, especially in multilingual countries, where localizing might not mean expanding in new markets.
Our primary goal is to continue serving our customers and ensure that Prismic remains a platform that helps you grow your online presence. If you believe that your clients' specific requirements fall into the scenario you mentioned earlier, please feel free to reach out to us using the following link: Request for more locales credits on Prismic.
We are committed to listening to your feedback and assisting you and your clients in the best way possible.


Hey Francois, I have requested more locales for one of my most important project - where can I expect to hear back from you about this please? It's been quite a while now - I need to find out the costs before I decide what to do with other projects.

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Hello David,
The team is going to get back to you ASAP.

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Like @dmakos - have not heard back after filling out the form. Wondering about the status of the application.


I share the same concern!
As a freelancer, I have more than 5 customers that are using the minimal payed version and I was pricing new projects with Prismic in mind for 4 langs min. For companies in EU (and you're French, you know) we need to translate our websites many times in 3 languages. Unfortunately, I'll need to drop Prismic for the future, if my customers need to go for platinium just to have more than 3 locales.
I love Prismic and "sold" your cms in more than 10 projects but this will affect my flow.

Besides my freelancing, I was responsible (as lead eng.) for including Prismic in bigger companies with product team based projects (you're reaching us out to discuss prices now) - The locales was the one thing that made us to chose Prismic :see_no_evil:


Following this, I had meetings with 3 different companies with Prismic projects. Two of them are considering to replace the CMS to an alternative that allows to have 2 to 3 users and 3 to 4 locales under 30USD / month. I thought you would like to know that. The third one just said that will drop one of the locales.

I've requested them to stand a little bit more waiting for your decision on pricing locales. These are projects for small companies. The free plan limits should suffice, besides the users (up to 5) and locales (up to 4).

I've requested you the locales prices, via typeform for one of them, but you haven't replied yet. It's important for me to decide what price will cost to my customers in order for them to decide on CMS and then I price the design and development.

Please reply to your community - we need you, you need us... :pray:



Hello David, Leopold, Paulo,

Thank you for your patience and valuable feedback regarding the recent changes. We appreciate your input and have taken it into consideration.

We've sent a detailed email to the address you provided in the form, outlining our response and the next steps.

If you have any further questions or wish to continue the discussion, feel free to respond here or reach out to us directly. Your engagement in our community is greatly appreciated.


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Hello everyone,

We appreciate your constructive feedback regarding our pricing and locale offerings. Your insights have been invaluable, and in response, we're making a few adjustments to accommodate your needs better.

We've revised our Locale Offerings to offer more flexibility under the medium plan.

These are now the limits set for the different plans:

  • Free Plan: Now includes 2 locales.
  • Starter Plan: Offers 3 locales.
  • Small Plan: Provides 4 locales.

We hope these changes align more closely with your needs.

However, we understand that individual needs may vary. If you require further adjustments or have specific concerns, please don't hesitate to fill out the form provided previously by Francois for more assistance.

We're here to support you and ensure a smooth transition :slight_smile: