As a developer, Prismic pricing plans are very unproductive

I run a Jamstack development agency and I'm trying to convince people everyday to move to Jamstack and Prismic. But unfortunately, I find Prismic plans really unconvenient for my case to the point I'm thinking to move to another platform like Contentful. Here's why;

  • The free plan 1 user limit force me to upgrade to give access to my client so he can follow the development process and see how his content is structured on Prismic.
  • I work on clients projects for 1 or 2 weeks, sometimes just a few days. Once I'm done with development I transfer the Prismic repository to client's account.

So I'm paying a full month plan to Prismic just to use this plan for few days which is a bit stupid. And that count for every repository and for each client...

Hi Wassim,

I have researched a bit about this subject and here is what I found:

When you upgrade your plan for a few days/weeks and downgrade, Prismic will keep the remaining credit in your repository to be used for other Prismic services.

And when you transfer the repository ownership, this credit will move with the repository.

Unfortunately, we can't change Prismic behavior, but here is a better process that might work for your use-case:

If you start by asking your client to create a new repository and upgrade it to a Starter plan, then you can work together on this repository.

This way the client can take full advantage of this plan or downgrade if this plan, if not needed after the development, is terminated and use the rest of the credit on other Prismic services.

Please let me know if you have other inquires.

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