Pricing plans

I have been using prismic for 3 months with the medium plan, and I am surprised that the last month they upgraded me to the platinum plan and they charged me 750 dollars considering that I only exceeded one location, leaving my budget, their communication was terrible because I never got to see the email, since it was only one, and at least they could do it 3 times to notify the seriousness of the case and have the confirmation from the customer to make the plan update, I also believe that by user experience when creating locations on your dashboard there should be an alert indicating that the limit is being exceeded and that there will be an automatic plan update, which currently there is no limit and lets you create all the locations you want.
I believe that this should not happen, since it is the customer's decision to update the plan, in any case if a customer exceeds the limits should take other measures such as disabling a location that is my case or be certain that the customer has been informed, and is aware of this update.
I am writing this way also to alert other users of this tool. And I hope that I will be given a solution.
Thank you.

We appreciate your feedback and effort in seeking clarification. Our team has previously communicated about the pricing adjustments related to repository usage, providing comprehensive information. You can find all the details about these changes in this post or via our pricing page. You can review your consumption by accessing your repository's Usage Dashboard.

Should you have any additional inquiries or concerns we also recommend opening a request in our support portal for any sensitive information you need to share regarding your project.

Thank you!