Why can't my field inside a group have the same API ID as another outside of it?

I find myself very often having to resource to redundantly name my fields like:

"SEO": {
    "seo_title": {
      "type": "Text",
    "seo_desc": {
      "type": "Text",
    "seo_img": {
      "type": "Image",

Because title cannot be used inside the group SEO, as I have title outside of it.

This makes my GraphQL queries messy and less intuitive! Is this a known limitation?

Thanks a lot!

Hey Frederico, yes, this is a known limitation. It is probably not something we're planning on changing soon, but we're aware of it and tracking it as a feature improvement. The current behaviour automatically adds a number at the end of the repeated field. So, In the meantime, you'll need to either allow the second similar field to have the number or add a different name to it.

If / when there is any news about this being changed, I'll announce it in this same thread.


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This is being tracked as an open feature request.

If you have another use-case for this feature, you can 'Flag' this topic to reopen. Please use the :heart: button to show your support for the feature and check out our Feature Request Guidelines.