Will Prismic ever get plugins?

Hi all!

Will Prismic ever get plugins? I believe having some community driven extensibility would be an amazing boon for Prismic. And by plugins, I mean plugins for extending the functionality of Prismic/the Prismic dashboard, not plugins for using Prismic in development.

Thank you!

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That would be an amazing feature to have!
I’ve suggested many features in the past couple of years that I could have developed for the company and shared with the community.

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Hey, @david, thanks for the suggestion. A plugin can be a lot of different things. Do you have a specific idea in mind? I would love to understand a bit more about what you would like to build around prismic.

Hey @gil.barbara

Thanks a lot for the message. This is really encouraging that you’re willing to put some time and effort into improving prismic by requesting features or even be ready to build one.

Do you mind giving me a bit more information on what you could have made with plugins?

I’m just imagining a plugin environment where users can install plugins via the dashboard. These plugins would just be snippets of additional functionality and integrations like Sanity.io has (for example).

Plugins and tools for making changes to a website would require a dev to come in and handle updating the codebase but there could be plugins that just offer dashboard changes. Like integrating Google Analytics or other data-based stuff into the dashboard for users to look at.


Hey @renaud

It depends on the level of integration I have with the dashboard API.

On our company we have lots of small slices and some documents that are really long and difficult to edit (lot of scrolling and trying to find specific slices) so I think that a small “skeleton” navigator below the publishing status would be really helpful. This wouldn’t need a low level integratiion.

On the Media Library add a list view with checkboxes for batched actions (delete, edit alternative text, etc). On this one, we would need access to the low level API.

I’ve sent a few requests on ProductBoard that I need to recover and I’ll post them if I can find it.


This is tricky because you might need to have access to a lot of our code. At the moment, the best way will be to make a feature request, and we will do our best to improve prismic to solve those issues.

Would the Prismic team ever start creating integrations with 3rd parties though? Like CRMs like HubSpot?

Hello @david,

What is your use case for an integration with Hubspot ? Is it to link form already created in Hubspot ?

We are already providing a way to integrate with 3rd party services through integration field. Is it the kind of integration that you’re looking for ?

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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