Window.prismic.endpoint is deprecated


I follow this document to setup preview in my ruby web application -

The Prismic toolbar do not appear and I saw below message in console.

What should I follow between the console log and Prismic document?

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I have replaced old script with the one from Browser pop-up and the preview is working.

I think you should update the Javascript in dashboard /settings/previews/


@renaud it looks like the docs still aren’t up to date with this deprecation warning. It’s very confusing, particularly since it shows a link to get the ‘complete documentation’, which isn’t complete, and therefore not helpful.

Hey Alan, welcome to the Prismic forum.

Thank you very much for making us aware of this. I’ll make sure this section of the documentation is clearer.

For now, you need to check the preview script in your repo for new=true and if you don’t see it, just ask us to activate the New toolbar for you here in the forum:

[UPDATE] We've updated the documentation to display the correct version of the script.

Now, If you are still seeing the deprecated script in your repository, just send a message to us so we can activate this for you.

Thanks a lot!

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