Add ability to include a Default Value to fields in the content builder

Feature Idea (one per thread):

When adding custom fields in the Custom Type builder, add support for a default value in addition to the placeholder value.

Issue that it solves:

There are often scenarios where a default generic value will be appropriate most of the time, but the field still needs to be changable for when the user wants/needs to change it.

An example might be a Testimonials Slice. We want it so the user can change the title ("Hear from our customers"), but if not they can just leave it as the default ("Testimonials").

In practice once the design for a field included a Default Value, whenever this slice is first instantiated it should pre-fill with the default value.

Another example maybe where our founder "Tom Jones" writes most of the blog posts, its not the most refined solution, but he could be added as the default author for new posts, changable if the user desires to.


Hi, thanks for your feedback!

Having automatic or default values ​​is a feature that we have had in mind for some time now, it exists in the backlog of our product board, however there is still no estimated time for its development/launch.

For now I can recommend two variants:

  • Use a Select field. At the moment this is the only field to which a default value can be assigned. This can be a solution, with the disadvantage that the value cannot be modified from the writing room, and only when editing the field within the Custom type builder.
  • Use a Boolean field together with another field so that editors can know if it is mandatory to place the placeholder as a value or not. Of course this will require extra communication with the team, but it is another workaround.

I will keep this thread as an open feature request. And if there's ever any change for this, we'll communicate it here.

Let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions for us at any point.

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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