Add option to trigger webhooks on release PUBLICATION

Feature Idea (one per thread):

Allow to trigger webhooks when releases are published.

Issue that it solves:

ATM when you configure webhooks to trigger Netlify-like platform webhooks, this option is not available. So, when you only have the "Edit or delete release" check on webhooks triggers, what this does is that a netlify build is triggered EVERYTIME something is added to the release.
Adding this feature would allow to have more control over the deploys that are made when grouping multiple changes (that's what releases should do actually).

Screenshot or video of the issue (if applicable):

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The case that you are describing of 'when a release is published' is already available as 'A document is published'.

Once a release is published you're simply publishing a group of documents so the webhook will be triggered.

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Nice! Hadn't think about it that way.
Just another question: When a release is published, is the webhook triggered as many times as documents the release has? Or just once?

The webhook would only be triggered once.

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