Webhook gets triggered too many times

I have deployed my site on Vercel using Next.js

In order to make updates we create a Scheduled Release and add the content there to release together. The thing is if I add 10 pages onto that release and publish it the web hook will trigger 10 times creating this massive queue and rebuilding every single time... To my understanding scheduled release should push and trigger the webhook once with all pages that are supposed to be regenerated rather than creating this massive queue and rebuilding for each page. It consumes too much resources and takes too much time! If I have to update 30 pages, well that's not going to look pretty on Vercel and will take forever to deploy each page.

Is there a way to avoid this? If I want to schedule a release of a 100 pages at once it should trigger the build only once shouldn't it? Am I missing something?

The triggers doesn't make much sense to me - every time I create/update the release it will trigger the webhook and build it on vercel creating a queue? Why? If I turn release triggers off, and publish the release, will it still publish the documents at once? Why there is no "A release is published" trigger?

After experimenting it seems like turning off "Releases" triggers works as I imagined, and after publishing the release the webhook will be triggered only once

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Thanks for sharing your solution David!