Debounce for Prismic webhooks

Hey all,

This has been a problem for me ever since I started using Prismic with Netlify. Some of my clients are doing a short bust of updates in a short period of time (for example, publish 5 updates to documents in 1 minute). This eats from the Netlify minutes allowance quite fast.

Has anyone through adding a debounce function for the Prismic webhooks (could be set manually for greater control?) or the default could be 1-2 minutes.

This will greatly reduce the Netlify bill :slight_smile:

Hey there. For the moment, Prismic's Webhooks do not offer this kind of delay functionality.

You can create a workaround using Releases. Then, when you configure your Webhook to only get triggered when a Release is published.

Hi @Pau,

I'm aware that we can use Releases, but the vast majority of clients don't use them for small changes across several documents.

Even though there is an optimal way to do a certain thing, often times the end customer will use your product in an entirely different way. Therefore, you need to adjust your product to the way the customer uses it or educate the customer to use it in its indented way.


Thanks for the feedback @kris.

Will this be discussed further internally?

We understand the concern. For the moment there'll be no changes in the way this works internally. But I'll communicate your ideas to the product team.