Add Select All Countries on the country dropdown

When there is a country drop down it would be great to have a Select All countries on the dropdown list.
I have already set up 4 different banners where I must go through the country list one by one to make an ALL COUNTRY Template. From there I can then edit off countries, if we want all countries but US and Canada to see something.

Hey @jeremy.tripp, This is an excellent suggestion; thank you for sharing your use case. I'll mark your post as an open feature request to consider this for being developed in the future.

For the moment, a workaround I can think of would be to add two additional fields:

  1. A Boolean field with the API ID of "select all" that defaults to false.
  2. Another Select field with just one option has all the country options in the first line (this may not be ideal in terms of UI or UX, but it is a simple way of getting a string with all the countries.

Yes, we track all the feature requests in the backlog of the developers.
For users, you only need to post the request and we take care of the rest :ok_hand:

Thanks for the help on this one. I will talk over your points with our tech team.

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This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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