Adding more flexibility to custom types & some core features i request to see in prismic

before i tried prismic i also tried many other headless cms including strapi, sanity, directus, netlify, tina ...

I reason i choosed prismic over them is prismic is cloud hosted & is more cost efficient.

So i first gone through the document provided by you. Which is easy to Understand in most of the cases. And i found every field that other cms too have along with Slices & Slice Machine is impressive.

But when i started to design my backed i found that prismic is a little bit not flexible.

I want to reference objects nested but i can only reference single depth in each customtype is little unknowing. It gives me a great idea of how my hierarchical data looks like if all of my Content Relationships render in a tree structure in a single customtype.

Prismic provides everything that a developer need to code their backend but all i feel is not fully flexible or a bit restrictive

I also suggest that i want to see the feature to add Slices within Slices.

As the frontend only require a json response to design frontend i want to request another feature to create custom UI components. Such that every custom UI component should need to return two things; one is the HTML code of how the custom component should render on prismic and other is a json response that should look like in api request or json response that returns the legacy builder code to create custom type

As it is not possible to prismic to add every field that everyone wants. I also want to see Conditions to be used to give default value for a field and field level hooks so on.

Payload cms is highly flexible cms AFAIK and i appreciate if prismic cms can reaches it's flexibility.

Thank you.

Thanks a lot for your outlook @wygininc!
I'll share this with the product team.

One interesting thing is the concept of custom UI components. This already exists in Slice Machine. Slices and front-end components are connected and can be edited from a single source of truth.