All Aboard – Go by train #Showcase

The future of sustainable travel, made easy for you. Get a perfectly planned European train trip and all the tickets you need – all in one place.

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Technologies used
Cloudflare Workers, Prismic, Choo

Travel tech

An interesting feature or challenge you solved for
We use custom integrations to load trains and stations intro Prismic. This is then used by our editors for creating highlighted train journeys.

Long-term users of Prismic, since 2016-2017. Other client projects with Prismic include websites for The UN and The New York Times.


Beautiful website! (:

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Thanks, @huiqing.poh!

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Looks great! I'll bookmark it for my next trip :slight_smile:

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Hey there fellow travel enthusiasts! Sustainable travel is more important than ever, and this platform seems like a dream come true for all of us who want to explore Europe by train.

The idea of having a one-stop-shop for planning European train trips and snagging all the tickets needed is just genius. And using Cloudflare Workers, Prismic, and Choo? That's some seriously cool tech wizardry happening behind the scenes!

Anton Trollbäck, hats off to you for bringing this to life! Your use of custom integrations for loading train and station info into Prismic is truly innovative. And shoutout to the long-term partnership with Prismic, crafting websites for The UN and The New York Times? Impressive stuff!

My advice? Keep expanding, keep those trains rolling, and let's make sustainable travel the norm.