New website: Sign In App - Visitor Management and Staff Sign In

Hi everyone! :wave:

After a long battle we have deployed our brand new website to production. :tada:

  1. Website URL

  2. A screen shot of the site

  3. Technologies used
    CMS: Prismic
    Framework: Next.js 14 with App router and TypeScript
    Hosting: Vercel
    Tracking: Plausible

  4. Industry
    Visitor Management

  5. Utilizes Slice Machine?

  6. Time to build
    About 9 months, 1 developer for 90% of the project. It was a lot of the content to set up :smiley:
    The project was also started using Pages router and I decided to switch it to App router somewhere in the middle.

  7. An interesting feature or challenge you solved

  • Every single piece of content is sitting on Prismic, everything can be changed through the CMS!
  • i18n with 5 locales is all handled on Prismic. Every single piece of content is translated via Prismic.
  • Currency values switching in content using custom labels.
  • Navigation and many other components are made as custom types.
  • Almost everything is fully accessible, you can use keyboard on navigation, drop downs, tabs and so on.
  1. Bonus! Some stats taken at the deployment to see the scope of this project:
  • 650+ Pages
  • 1400+ items in media library (images, PDFs etc.)
  • 88 components
  • 52 slices with multiple variations (and still growing`!)
  • 1350+ git commits

This it’s truly impressive work! Thank you for sharing and for the breakdown you gave us. That is some number of slices! :scream:
Kudos to you!


Yeah, we have a lot of custom stuff everywhere including completely different designs for US landing pages, hence the number of slices :slight_smile:

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The site looks amazing, thank you so much for sharing so many details!
You're that one developer right? :D Very impressive how much value you delivered, and the speed at which you built this.

You mention 650+ Pages, 1400+ items in media library, mentioning this in case you missed it (for a future project) we now have a Migration API to import all of your past content.
Linking to the docs here :) Migration API Technical Reference - Documentation - Prismic


Very impressive effort, especially with just one developer! Nice work! :clap:


Thank you!
Yes, that's me :smiley:

I was a bit worried to use it as it was still in beta, I might use the migration API in the nearest future as we still have some articles to move through, thanks.