Portfolio for a designer

Very happy to share this site, think it turned out really well.

  1. Website URL

  2. A screen shot of the site

  3. Technologies used
    CMS: Prismic (of course ;D)
    Framework: Nuxt.js
    Motion: GSAP + Three.js
    Hosting: Vercel
    Tracking: Umami

  4. Industry

  5. Utilizes Slice Machine?

  6. Time to build
    Hard to say, several weekends and evenings :D

  7. An interesting feature or challenge you solved for
    the 404 has a nice little feature (on mobile especially)

Looking forward to any feedback

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@jankohlbach That's awesome! thanks so much for sharing :smiley:

Your website looks incredible. This must have taken a ton of work.

I love the mobile 404! :eyes: :compass:


It looks awesome! The weekends and evenings spent at building it were definitely worth it!
Just added it to Showcase of Awesome Prismic Websites

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that's amazing, thanks a lot :heart:

Bro Just :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

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