Is it safe to use Slice Machine for a client's new website?


I'm starting a new project for a client in NextJS and I need an honest answer - is it safe to use Slice Machine for that?

Are there any downsides which will prevent me from building a fully functioning website?


Hello, Kris, my team is using slicemachine with next.js from day 1.

IMO it's easy and great to use. Downsides not every feature is documented well, but community is great and solves problems fast. I would say it's safe to use. Ofc it depends on project complexity.

I have experience building pages with prismic + gatsby, prismic + next + slicemachine and other solutions. So far my favorite is slicemachine. Great dev experience.

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Hi @kris
Thanks for reaching out! I'm Dragana and I am part of the User Research team here at Prismic.

@juskeviciusarn made a good point about it depending on project complexity.

There are few reasons why you might not want to use it for a production ready site, but that’s at your discretion. Today, some important features are missing, mainly the Content Relationship and Integration Fields, that are not available in the local Slice Machine builder. The Slice Machine team is currently working on this:

  • making the Custom Type builder (not only Slice Builder) available locally, this will make Content Relationships available in the Builder for Shared Slices
  • last step will be to make Integration Fields configuration available in the local builder

We are steadily moving towards the Slice Machine approach, but the tool is still in beta.

Hope that helps!

On a similar note: I am conducting Research sessions next week, to help us improve Slice Machine & Prismic further.
So looking for existing Prismic/SM users such as yourselves, to learn more about you and your use case and to give us feedback on some new design concepts.There is no preparation time on your side.
Would you be up for a 1 hour call at a time convenient for you? Let me know, and we will set it up :slight_smile: