All Slices with Slice Variations not saving properly

Since yesterday evening, I have noticed that all slices that have and are using variations do not save properly and revert automatically to the default variation with all data values blank. Currently using the latest slicemachine version.

It does save for the first time and builds with that latest save but as soon as you change data somewhere else in that document, you will need to re-enter the data for that slice variation since the slice is reverted to default with no data showing.

Here is an example of what I want with a variation

Result after being saved -- it reverts back to default variation without any data entered

Happening to us too and severy impacting our operations

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Hello @carribas and @mattcnk. Thanks for reaching out.

Can you provide us with a screen recording of the error?

Here is a screen recording of the problem:

Keep in mind though I'm filling data in the video it happens even without entering data, I'm inserting some values so its very clear the slice is not saved.

Mine is pretty much the same as @carribas screen recording. After saving/publishing, it no longer shows as the variation input, and reverts a default with missing data.

Thanks for the details @carribas.

Can you please send us the URL of your repositories @carribas and @mattcnk?

Our repo is:

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Our repo is:

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This is fixed for us, thanks!

Thanks for the update @mattcnk.

@carribas, is this still the case for you?

Hey, sorry for the late reply. This seems to be fixed for us now also.

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