Archiving Bug within releases VS from the repo dashboard


Wondering if any other repositories are seeing this problem?

When we add a doc to our unpublished releases, if we archive the document within the document itself then the archiving function works fine. (within the document, in the right hand corner)

However, if we go onto the releases' 'dashboard' (within the 'Planned' tab) and we try and archive it there using the tickbox function, then the document is archived, but it also seems to be archiving the live document which we didn't touch at all.

This is breaking the pages on our live site. But, Prismic is still saying that the document is live and published. We only know our live pages are broken because our engineers are getting error messages.

Within the Prismic workspace, it appears that there's no issue when in reality it's affecting our live pages.

We've escalated with the Support Engineers so waiting to hear back from them, but what I'm writing here is to ask if anyone having the same/similar problem?

Hello @mayayeung, thanks for reaching out.

Where have you shared this issue with the Support team?
I haven't seen this error before. Can you share your repository details? We would like to reproduce the error on our end.


Hi Pau,

The person we've spoke to with Prismic Support has managed to reproduce it and has said they're looking into it so I don't want to waste your time having two people looking into it.

Thanks though! It was causing a problem for us but we've mitigated it now.

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Ok, no worries. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.