Error trying to unpublish / archive documents


I have 4 documents in a specific release. The 4 documents are listed in one specific release with state "unpublish".

I can't edit these documents. When I try to unpublish them I got an error (if I look in the console i can see the response: code 409 - {"CONFLICT":{"type":"publish-missing"}}). The same error happens when I try to archive these documents.

These documents aren't show anymore in the Work tab and neither in the Archive tab, only on this specific release tab


Even so, this document is returned when querying from the api using the master reference.

What can I do to be able to work again with these 4 documents?

Hey Alexander, thanks for reaching out. This is very strange because documents scheduled in a release to be unpublished require to be published in the first place. This is the first time I see a case like this. Could you share the URL of your repo with me so I can investigate further?


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I have the exact same issue in my repo

Captura de tela de 2021-01-26 11-07-36
This is my screen on the "Planned" section

I get the same error when trying to publish or archive a page. Also, when trying to access an archived page, i get a page loader indefinitely.

I have solved my issue. By removing a specific slice from the page type, I can publish without errors. Still not sure why. I suppose the slice was invalid or something like that. Still, would be nice to get some sort of useful feedback when that happens.

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