Potential UI bug > Archiving a draft

Hi, Prismic team! I've been meaning to report a rather confusing UI issue, which I think is a bug. I've explained it in this video, but will also try to explain here.

When making edits to a live page, sometimes I will save those edits as a (yellow) draft, preview them, and decide that I don't want to keep the draft version. I then click "Archive" and see a confusing/unexpected message about "depublishing" the page (screenshot). This is alarming because I'm looking at a draft and I don't want to depublish the live version; I just want to archive the draft version.

If I navigate away from that draft and back into it, clicking archive shows the normal/expected warning message—which doesn't mention depublishing (screenshot).

My expectation would be that after saving a draft, clicking "Archive" would simply archive the draft version, leaving the published version live. I shouldn't have to see a warning about depublishing the live version at all (or have any concern/fear that I might be depublishing it).

Hopefully this makes sense. Please let me know if you have questions/comments/insight!

Hello Dan, thanks a lot for sharing this issue. I'll report this to the relevant team so we can update that warning to be more clear.

In the meantime, you can safely use the archive button without worrying to have the published doc archived. Both warnings cause the same effect in the draft, they archive it without affecting the live version.

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Thanks for letting me know, Pau. That's definitely reassuring :slight_smile:

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