Bug > "Archived by" is misleading/incorrect

Hello! I want to flag a bug/design-defect that has definitely caused confusion across our team working inside the Prismic UI. When someone archives a document, the document detail page changes from "Edited by {user}" to "Archived by {user}"—but the latter is misleading because it's really showing the lest editor, who may or may not be the person who archived it.

This is confusing/alarming when you see that something was "last archived by" a person who hasn't had access to Prismic for months (ex: a former employee/contractor). It also makes it harder to follow up with the right person in the case where a document was mistakenly/prematurely archived.

Ideally, "archived by" would accurately show who archived the document. If this isn't possible today, then the UI copy should at least avoid showing incorrect info.

Hi @dan.duett

Thanks for reaching out.

In fact, there is already an issue for this in our issue tracker, and we will let you know once we get any updates.


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Good to know—thank you, Fares!

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