Attribute specific variant push bucket partly empty after saving


Question: Our Attribute specific variant push bucket empties itself partly after scheduling.

It looks like this:

When I fill the ID's in again, it does work. Also when scheduling different pushes it happens. Only when scheduling, not when immediately publishing.

Anyone knows what the cause of this issue could be?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey Jamie, welcome to the Prismic community!

I'm guessing the Attribute specific variant push bucket is the Group field that it's visible in the image and the IDs are the Key Text fields inside of it, right?

I'd like to have some more information about your sue case to better undersstand what's happening:

  • Are you filling all of those fields before scheduling the document and then when you schedule you see everything disappear?
  • Do you have this same document in different releases?
  • Also, It'll be really useful if you could share the URL of your repository with me via dm


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