FAQ being deleted on Prismic after saving

One of the questions is always being deleted out of the FAQs on prismic, after saving. Result- one empty FAQ modul, always the last question. This happens regulary, if not always; so no pattern is visible for us in order to eradiate this occurance.

Hi @carolin.hempel, I’m sorry that this is happening. I’m not sure how or why you’re seeing this. Can you send a screen recording of this so that we can better understand it and try to reproduce it on our end?

Hi Levi,

Bascicall ist like provided in the screenshot. We fill out all questions and after saving those, the last question is empty. Sometimes ist just affecting the answer and other times, the complete question plus answer is empty.

As said, only after saving.

Ist not happening all the time, but very regulary. When we fill in the question again afterwards and save again, then the question remains in the field.

I hope you understand what I mean.

Kind regards


Hey Carolin!

We created a Custom type with a similar structure: a group with two fields (we tried with two Rich text fields) and a Boolean field, then made changes, saved, publish and weren’t able to reproduce this issue on our side.

Could you give us more details about which fields make up your group and the exact steps you took when you found this. As Levi mentioned, a screen recording, if you can catch the issue, would be really useful.

Also you can share the name of your repository with me in a private message if needed.


Hey Paulina,

the Screenshot privided is the one with the msitake in. Its the module FAQ. We fll it in, and after saving it vanishes. As said, its not always happening bute very regulary. After filling in the last question and answer again and saving, it stays in; but it takes two savings in order for it to remain in their. It always affects the last question/ answer in the FAQ. Our IT team could not figure the problem out on our end, so it must be Prismic specific.

I am not sure how to send you a private message :slight_smile:



Hello Carolin,

I’m developer @prismic and I’m investigating on your issue. First of all, do you still have this issue?
Also, I was looking our logs on the 17 Aug but I don’t find anything relevant for now. Did you encounter errors the day you reported the issue?


I did have that problems regarding this issue that day. As mentioned- it does happen quite often. Almost everyday.

So what cann we do about this?

One ideas I had was maybe it’s when more than one person from our team accesses Prismic. Surely this should not be the case and it only affects the FAQs.


Hey Carolin, Just to let you know that I have informed the dev team and they are currently fixing this issue. We’ll keep you posted about the status of the fix here.



Next time it happens, could you take a screenshot of the browser developer console so I can see what’s going on?

Hey there, sorry, I just saw your request. I uploaded a picture before hand. Is that not enough? i will try and capure the moment again thozgh.


please take a look at this on the frontend: https://www.sparwelt.de/gutscheine/bershka?a=325435#faq and the missing answer in the prismic module: https://sparwelt-content.prismic.io/documents~w=bershka&b=working&c=published&l=de-de/Xep5txMAACEAxTak/

have you got any idea ob how and why this happens?


Hi @carolin.hempel

We have any log on our side, I have no idea yet but can you take a look at the browser console and reproduce the issue to see if something appears in there?
You can open it on firefox or chrome by doing:
CTRL + shift + i
Right click -> inspect element

That would be of great help for further investigation.
Thank you.


Hello Arnaud,

this is the screenshot taken from the browser console opening the prismic module. Hope this helps.

Kind regards


Hello @carolin.hempel,

Thank you for that but can we have a screenshot of the console as you did but when the error occurred? It seems there that there is no action, so no reproduction of the issue, since the last publication is a month ago.



it just happened again, priving you with screenshot now

and another example:

Hello, are teher any news on this issue? it stil keeps happening and we need help heremissingfaq .

Hello @raphael ... any news?

Hey Carolin,

Sorry about the lack of communication.

The team is still investigating this and have made it a priority, it's a tricky one as we are seeing any errors on either our or your's. Once we know more we'll update you here.


Hey @carolin.hempel, just to let you know that this issue should be now fixed in your repository.

Please let us know if you encounter an issue with this again of with anything else.