Audio files in new prismic

I can't seem to upload MP3s to the media library inn the new version of prismic. If I go into the legacy edit I still can.
ant ideas?

Hi @epstudio100 , it's not yet available on the Page Builder but will be available soon. We'll let you know once the functionality is available.



The problem is that the Page Builder is enabled by default when creating reusable pages, and it cannot be disabled (the Legacy Editor button is disabled).

Is there any way to disable Page Builder, or add the ability to disable it when creating new pages?

Also, when you try to attach a file, even in PDF format, which seems to be supported, after clicking on the link it gives AccessDenied. That is, it feels like there is no way to add a file at all.

Hi @baa ,

I sent you a PM to re-activate the legacy builder for you.