Cannot connect .GPX file in media content

Hello. With the new Prismic CMS look, we do not have possibility to upload a .GPX file. Only images are available to connect and it does not matter if we first upload the document into media, or do we try to connect it with a immediate upload. Please help. Thank you very much

Hi @website4 ,

I believe it's not supported yet in the new builder:

If you want, I can re-enable the legacy builder to free you up.


Hi Phil. It would be great, yes ... How can we get the legacy builder ? We see that some of our repositories are on a new and some on a legacy builder and it is a little bit strange. One would understand all of them to be either new or legacy but half this way and the rest the other way, it is a little bit strange. Anyway, can you help us please ?

I DM'd you