Can I disable or hide a field that content editors should no longer use?

If a field becomes redundant, can I disable it or hide it?

If not, could I make that a feature request?

Hello Leopold,

Thanks for posting this question to us.

For the moment, you can not make disable or hide any field. I think it could be really useful, and I have added another tick to the feature request tracker for that. I will pass this to our @features-team as a possible improvement for the future.


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@leopold, I would like to know more about this:

1.What is your use-case to hide any field?
2. Why can't the delete option be suitable for you?


Example of a use case:

In a website redesign a field is no longer wanted. Content editors should therefor no longer use it.

Thinking about it, I would personally prefer disable as a feature instead of hiding.

I understand that deleting the field would be an option here. I however find deleting the field a little "scary" since it would be no way to know it ever existed and the data is still there.