Can I get information about users using Prismic Dashboard via API?

Hello, actually, what I want to do exactly is that a webhook is connected to Vercel via Prismic and when it is published, it starts Vercel deploy, but what I really want to do is to send the Vercel deploy information as a message to a Slack channel when it is published, but while doing this, I want to get the information of the person who published the webhook, when I want to do it, it publishes. Vercel build is taking, yes, I want to make an application like the deploy is finished, which takes the information from the user who published it, tags the person who published it in the Slack channel, and when the deployment is finished, this person publishes it from Vercel, but I don't know if I can get this user information from Prismic here, I couldn't find it in the documentation, can you help?

Hi Mustafa,

Unfortunately, there is no way to send the author information using the Prismic webhook. So you will only be able to say that a deployment has happened from Vercel, but not who published the information on Prismic. You can add a link with your Slack message to the Prismic repo so people can check the latest published content.