Can't access repo: 503 error

Good afternoon,

I'm seeing the same error message as described in this ticket.

Note that:

  • I'm accessing the repo on Chrome for MacOS
  • Accessing in incognito doesn't change anything
  • I'm not blocking any scripts
  • I can access the other repo under my Prismic account fine

The repo's URL is:

Thanks for looking into this.


Hello @accounts_polygon, this happens in paid repositories for various reasons. In this case, I believe it's because there's an exceeded CDN consumption.

Thank you for your reply, @Pau ! That's helpful.

What is a good next step? I assume that adding a credit card and paying to increase CDN bandwidth would be acceptable, but I'm completely locked out of the repo, where settings (including Plans & Billing) are accessible. What do you recommend?

Hey there, you should have received an email from the sales team. They'll help you decide the best plan for you.

Let me know if we can help you with anything else.