Can't reach to localhost:9999


After upgrading v1.0, I can't reach to localhost:9999. I see only loading bar. You can see error on the terminal.

And this is from network

What's the problem I have?

Hello @serkan,

Welcome to Prismic community, and thanks for reaching out to us.

I just tested Slice Machine v1.0.0 and v1.0.1, and I was able to reach localhost:9999. You can see the screenshot below:

My project is running Next v13.3.1 and node v16.17.0.

Can you click on the error on the network tab to provide more information on the error? And also, can you share a screen recording so I can reproduce the issue on my end? You can send it via DM if you prefer.


Hi @serkan !

Most likely, you still have the import of the remote file in the pages/slice-simulator file:

import state from "../.slicemachine/libraries-state.json";

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I've looked into the code on GitHub and believe that the issue might be related to the authentication manager. I found that there's a file that holds the authentication state. My suggestion would be to delete this file and try logging in again.

Code: slice-machine/PrismicAuthManager.ts at 8c5f46b1ad840f0b1555527645f5bfd1e0ad1c1b · prismicio/slice-machine · GitHub

File to delete: [username]/.prismic

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Hi Emre,

You're a lifesaver.



Thank you, @vagmen27, for your response.

@emrekeskin Thanks for posting this. This way, we can solve potential bugs as soon as possible.


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