Can't login to prismic when setting up slice machine

Video Example

Looks like the issue is it's making a fetch request to local host but I am developing in gitpod...

I was able to bypass it by replicating the post request to my gitpod url.
Might be a good idea to address this as browser-based code environments are growing.

Hello @software2,

Welcome to the Prismic community, and thanks for posting this to us.

I am glad that you found the solution. I will still look into the issue and will check with the team.



Thanks for the quick response.
I have to do this every time I need to login via cli which is pretty often. So it's an inconvenience I can manage for now but will get more annoying as time goes on. Maybe adding custom encoded url query param similar how you guys already have a port and route might be a good idea.

Hello @software2

Thanks for the feedback. I want to assure you that we consider our customers' feedback. I will pass this on to my dedicated team.