Slice Machine - Can't push changes as I'm constantly logged out

This is urgent - I can't push new updates to Prismic via Slice Machine as it constantly says that I'm logged out even though I log in and I get successful message.

What do I need to do to be able to push updates to the repo?

Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 11.17.50

This is seriously blocking me and the company from making crucial updates to the website. I tried to update the prismic-cli package and login but I get the following error message.

Login error, check your credentials. If you forgot your password, visit to reset it.

The email/password are 100% correct (I tried it over 10 times).

I'm currently using Slice Machine version 0.7.0 and we are not in a position to upgrade to >1.0

There are no ways of making updates to slices and custom types at the moment. What should I do? @Pau @Phil

Hey Kris. Did you signed up using GitHub or your email?

HAve you tried upgrading the prismic-cli. When you login with your email in Slice Machine you should see a screen ebing redirected to the browser.

@Pau I signed up to Prismic via my email. I also upgraded to the latest version of prismic-cli but it's still not working.

After I upgraded to the latest version of the cli, I was able to log in in the terminal but the same bug is happening within the Slice Machine UI - I can't push anything to the Prismic repo

Further context for demonstrating the bug:

Everything looks fine within the terminal but I get the above modal when I try to push something to Prismic

Could you please provide a screen recording of the error you encounter when pushing changes? It would be helpful to see the issue you're facing visually. From your description, it seems that the message you see on the terminal is the standard login message for Slice Machine.

Do you have access to the repository in your Dashboard?

For anyone finding this in the future, this was solved over on Github: Login doesn't work (v0.7.0) · Issue #1021 · prismicio/slice-machine · GitHub

The issue is you need Admin rights to push Slices to the Page Builder. We're working on improving the message so this is more clear in the future :slight_smile: