Can't push changes. Forced logout. [slice-machine] Unable to retrieve custom types with status code 401

Hi there,

New here. Just did a completely fresh install following Prismic guide. Slice machine and slice simulator working great locally. I log in with prismic-cli. When I go to push changes slice machine thinks I'm logged out. I go through the log in process again using the slice machine UI and GitHub credentials, I get a log in successful message but then nothing changes. I remain not logged in. I restart slice machine and the "Logged in as:" message not says not logged in, where it had my correct credentials before. It force logged me out. Have tried in Incog mode and with all extensions off. Have tried restarting slice machine a few times.

Any ideas?

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I figured it out.

I overwrote the sm.json details needed to connect to the repo when adding the "localSliceSimulatorURL" property. The instructions just said copy and paste so I took the whole thing. I think the language could be a bit clearer on that step.

Hello Alex,

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I am glad that you figured out the issue. Could you please point me out the document link where we need to improve?


The third step in the "Set up the simulator" 3-step overlay that pops up when first setting up the simulator has a code block with a copy button. Based on the last two steps, it kind of reads like you're meant to copy the whole thing and replace your sm.json file contents with it. It does say copy at the top right of the block after all. This will of course break the connection to the repo. I see that the step says update your file by adding a property. Obviously this is correct and I just didn't see that part. I just think maybe there's a way to make it clear that you're not meant to copy the whole code block. You're just meant to pull out one line. I dunno, maybe highlight the line in question? A colleague of mine did the same thing.

Hey @alex6, thanks a lot for the feedback. It is very helpful.
I agree that the message could be more explicit as copying the side snippet as it is, as you've mentioned, would result in errors when running Slice Machine. I'll send your comments to the team.

Thanks again.