Coastal California - E-commerce - Cannabis

  1. Website URL

  2. A screen shot of the site

  3. Technologies used (Framework, Deployment Platform, etc)
    Next-js, Vercel, React, Prismic

  4. Industry ( Software, E-comm, Marketing, etc)
    E-commerce Cannabis

  5. Utilizes Slice Machine?

  6. Time to build
    Two months

  7. An interesting feature or challenge you solved for
    Integrating Algolia with Next js SSR

  8. Lastly, be sure to use the tag #Showcase and post!


Nice work! Are you using any other services to run the site besides Prismic and Algolia? I'm curious how you're combining Prismic with e-commerce features. :slight_smile:

Hey Francisco, I can't access the website due to location restrictions, but from the screenshot you shared, it's looking sharp!

The experience of picking up a store looks interesting, I'm not used to that kind of flexibility from the get-go on an e-commerce but I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy it ^^

Glad you seem to have enjoyed your experience with Slice Machine also :relaxed:

Hi @angeloashmore, Thanks!! For the E-commerce, we are using our own Platform


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Hi @lihbr, thanks! yeah, Slice Machine is great! we love it!

Thanks, that's really cool! I'll check it out!