Copy partial parts of content slices from one locale to another?


Does anyone have any advice for automating the copying of parts of the content from one locale to another using the exported json files?

If possible I would like to retain the position, as the slice structure is the same.


Hi Thomas,

Unfortunately there is no automated process for copying parts of content from one locale to another.

The best workflow thing might be to use the ‘copy to another locale’ feature and delete the content that you don’t need.

Hi Phil, the usual method wasn’t an ideal solution due to there being over 50 documents to do. I did manage to get a node-js script working to make a new set of documents. However as the image crops get reset that wasn’t viable either.

Out of interest why do the crops get reset? I can see in the document json that the information seems to be there.

Yes, this is a know issue with the import tool, but unfortunately we don’t plan to fix this issue at the moment as we would like to develop a new tool that will better resolve all the small issues at once and make importing documents in to Prismic a much easier process.

I’ve added your insight about this to the open feature request about this to show your interest.

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Thank you. Good luck with the new tool.

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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