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Hi, I have been trying to do several tutorials, but all of them have failed, as the documentation is so spotty and not written well. I almost feel that WordPress is so much better, and I wanted to give this platform a try. Currently I am on the react tutorial, I have restarted it several times, each time I get to step 4, nothing happens... there is no page showing... I have followed every step.... only a blank page shows up.... are the docs correct? Nothing is being queried into the component from the prismic repo. I checked all endpoints... just a white blank pages appear. There are no error message in the console...

Hi @ainneo,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience. It would be really great if you can share the documentation link, you are following to set up your project.


I'm struggling with the tutorials too. Here are a couple of initial observations:

When I get to the page, I get this error instead of seeing the nice "Your SliceZone is Empty" message: TypeError: Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined

I decided to continue because maybe this will get resolved once I add a slice. The tutorial has me run the prismic sm --create-slice command and then jumps immediately into Storybook. There is no explanation of what is happening and I don't see my new slice in the prismic web UI.

This is frustrating. I'm trying to figure out why letting Prismic import a ton of boilerplate into my app is better than using standard queries and I've probably spend 2 hours on videos and tutorials without much success. I'm also not convinced that all this coupling to prismic libraries is going to continue to work over time.

Edit: I'm using the CLI version 3.8.4, Next.js 10, and Node 12.18.3.

Hello @dustin,

Welcome to the Prismic community.

I'm sorry that you are getting issues with the slice-machine documentation. We are working to improve our slice-machine documentation, and it will be better soon.

I see your issues and would love to point them out:

  1. The prismic sm --create-slice command creates a new slice in your project.
  2. You can see all your slices and slice options to run the storybook.
  3. Next step is to model and push slices to the prismic UI. For this, you need to run prismic sm --develop command. This will start a Slice Builder, where you can model and push your Slices to the Prismic.

We have a nice slice-machine troubleshoot guide. It can be helpful for you:

Please go through this and let me know if you still have the issues.


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