Data retrieval timeouts

Can't run local builds for some time, like couple of weeks. I'm in Russia and usually getting ETIMEDOUT (with or without cache, different internet providers). Just ran build using TunnelBear VPN using US server and now I'm getting "Query takes too long". Eventually it'll work, maybe tomorrow, maybe monday.

What's interesting is it was never the case before update to gatsby-source-prismic v3

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I'm not particularly familiar with how a VPN could affect the build time in a Gatsby project, could you elaborate a further?


Our government implementing DPI analysis on cross-border traffic. One can expect anything from increased lag time to some packets completely lost. That's why I'm checking using VPN.

I see, thanks for sharing that information!

Are you still experiencing timeouts in your site?
if you have, could you share with me the URL of your repo in a message so I can investigate further?


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