Document Dissappeared from List but Still Live

Hello there, this is the second time we're experiencing this issue. We have a document that has disappeared from our document list but the page is still live and the content is now swapped with another document. We know it's still live because the uid brings us to a page, albeit swapped, but we cannot find the document anywhere in our document list.

As far as we can tell the document has neither been archived or deleted. Is there anyone on the prismic team that could assist us with this? One of the pages that has disappeared is quite old and had a large volume of ad traffic directed to it.

Hello @raheim

I apologize that you are experiencing that issue.

To investigate it, I need the following:

  1. Your Prismic repo name
  2. Custom type and document name (probably UID) that disappears from the list.
  3. Your website URL

You can send all the above information by private message, though.