Documents not showing after successful import; Cannot reimport, can export

I am attempting to clone a repository by recreating the Custom Types, and exporting/importing content.
After a successful import, I'm only seeing the media in the new repository - but no documents - either in the Dashboard, or in the API explorer. I'm unable to reimport the content - as I'm getting errors about the singleton-type Documents having been already created. Surprisingly, if I run an export from the new repository, I'm getting a correct JSON data dump. New repository name: - API set to Private.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I have 2 repositories running the Medium plan.
  2. I recreated all Custom Types in the new repository by copying the JSON Custom Type data from the old repository
  3. I exported the content from the old repository and have it saved as a zip archive of JSON files
  4. I successfully completed the import to the new repository - only warnings were shown connected to media IDs - but the import seemed to have been completed successfully
  5. A new release appeared - I published it
  6. I navigate to the "Documents" tab - no content is showing
  7. I navigate to the API browser - no documents are found.

Expected result:
The imported content is visible in the Media & Documents tabs, and accessible through the API

Actual result:
No content is visible in the Documents tab.
No content is available trough the API (or API browser).
Media are visible in the Media tab.
Attempts to re-import the content are blocked by critical errors - singleton-type documents already exist
Surprisingly, the content can be exported via the Export feature.

Hello @praesens, welcome to the Community!

In general, we don't recommend using Import/Export to duplicate repositories and instantiate environments because it carries various limitations:

I can help you troubleshoot this. I'll need the name of the two repositories and the export ZIP files you used to import in the new repo.

Hi Paulina,
thank you for getting back to me.

None of the "Limitations" listed in the Doc seem to apply here, or suggest any problems with importing content across repositories in our case.

I'll share the repo names & data in a private message.

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