Editing slice description clears fields

Hi Prismic, minor issue but rather maddening. When I'm creating a new slice, if I add a description, then begin adding fields, then go back to edit the slice description (or other slice metadata), it wipes out the fields I just setup.


  1. create a new slice
  2. add title, description
  3. add field/s
  4. click :gear: to edit slice
  5. edit description
  6. ...slice fields get cleared

Also, sidenote — it would be nice to expose the slice key (similar to how fields work) so you can edit that without having to go into the json.


Hello @evvvritt,

I'm Baptiste from the software development team.

I've been able to reproduce what is maddening you. It's indeed not a satisfactory UX and we already have created a dedicated issue within our tracker so that we may correct that behaviour in the future.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or issues,

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