Editing slice description clears fields

Hi Prismic, minor issue but rather maddening. When I'm creating a new slice, if I add a description, then begin adding fields, then go back to edit the slice description (or other slice metadata), it wipes out the fields I just setup.


  1. create a new slice
  2. add title, description
  3. add field/s
  4. click :gear: to edit slice
  5. edit description
  6. ...slice fields get cleared

Also, sidenote — it would be nice to expose the slice key (similar to how fields work) so you can edit that without having to go into the json.


Hello @evvvritt,

I'm Baptiste from the software development team.

I've been able to reproduce what is maddening you. It's indeed not a satisfactory UX and we already have created a dedicated issue within our tracker so that we may correct that behaviour in the future.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or issues,

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Thanks Baptiste, is there any progress on this?

Since the new slice UI update this is especially more maddening now as I can't edit labels in the JSON anymore...

It also would be preferable to keep slice labels in the JSON so we can copy it and version control in our code repos.

Hi @evvvritt ,

I'm very sorry this was one seemed to get lost as it wasn't assigned correctly.

The fields disappearing issue is still being tracked as a ticket which will be handled as group with other tickets.

For the labels issue the best workaround here is to use a Dropdown field in the Slice instead of a Slice Label this will give the same functionality and won't disappear.