Embedding Spreaker podcast

Hi all, we're migrating a client from NetlifyCMS and one of the features we need to carry over is embedding Spreaker podcasts. We're having issues achieving this and would appreciate some advice/support. Steps to reproduce are:

  1. 'insert new embed'
  2. add the following code https://widget.spreaker.com/player?show_id=4308703&theme=light&autoplay=false&playlist=show&cover_image_url=https%3A%2F%2Fd1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net%2Fcover%2F91e6dbb7b85cf2d52cca69a35c589aa9.jpg
  3. select 'insert' button

Hey Team,

I tried adding your link to our oembed field and had no issues. Though it seems in my website application the embed isn't published. What technology are you building your application in?

It might be worth looking at our custom embed article. (Remember to escape the html in your app)

Can you send me a screenshot of the error you're seeing?


The issue is occurring in the Prismic writing room itself, not the application. Once the url is added to the Embed popup, there's no error on submit just a hanging notification.

In the console we are seeing this: Screenshot 2021-01-07 at 12.46.14

OK, it's the embed button in the rich text field, I understand better now thank you. I was able to see the same behaviour on my side.

Can you tell me the URL of the repo you experiencing this on so I can pass this issue to the devs?

In the meantime the workaround would be to build your page with Slices and have an embed Slice with the dedicated embed field.

I'll send this by DM

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@Phil have you got any update on this? This is proving to be a blocker on our project at the moment.

No movement on this side unfortunately.