Twitter embed stopped working on prismic

Hello guys, once more, my team is having troubles embedding twitter links. This has been working in the past, but for the last 3-4 days, it suddenly stopped working.

The error message is - this link does not support OEmbed. This is very crucial for us, please can someone investigate and help

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Hi Harrison,

It seems like Twitter changed their OEmbed specifications. We’re looking in to this and we’ll update you once we know more.


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Great, please do, it is a crucial fix please

@Phil, twitter still not working, when will this get fixed, this is very urgent

The team are working hard on this to get this fixed. We agree this is urgent. Once it’s deployed we’ll update you here.


Hi @harrisonifeanyichukw
Thanks for pointing out this issue, we’re currently working on fix.
Meanwhile you can add tweets but you must add this to the start of the link

so this tweet


Well, that is a bit good, but non technical members will feel odd about this. I think i have to use a web link for this. and sort this out myself instead of using the oembed functionality. Till this gets fixed

@Phil, @marc.mcintosh, any update on this? the last suggestion you made @marc.mcintosh does not work

Hi @harrisonifeanyichukw

The display will still say null (we’re working on that) but you will be able to save and publish the document and then check it in the api browser.



Hi Phil,

Is there an update for this yet? If not, do you have any rough ETA when this is likely to be out?

This is affecting us too.


Hi Eilidh,

Welcome to the community!

The fix for this is currently in the Review & Testing phase. Once it passes review and is deployed we’ll update you here.


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Hi @ehyslop @harrisonifeanyichukw ,

The fix has been released with some other fixes on Beta, if you would like to have an early access to this release can you please share with us (with a private message if confidential) your repository name?

For more info please check the release notes.

Looking forward to your reply,

Great @Fares, I do hope this beta will not affect anything on my application. lol. how do i privately share my repository?

Hi there,

These fixes has been released for all clients, please let us know if it doesn’t work for you, or if you have any other questions.


Hey guys

It’s not working for me.

And i need it for yesterday haha, how can we proceed?

Morning :slight_smile:

Unfortunately our content team have reported Twitter still isn’t working for them (as of yesterday 3rd September) and they are still having to use the workaround.

Additionally, Instagram seems to no longer be working for embeds now too. They are trying to Embed - Do you know of a workaround available for that?

(Please advise if you’d prefer me to start another topic re: the Instagram issue, but mentioning here in case related.)

Thanks for your time!

Hi @ehyslop @joao.santos ,

I’m looking in to this now, once I have more information I’ll update you here.


Hi again Everyone,

So it’s seems we gave out the wrong information here. There was some issues in deploying this, so it hasn’t been deployed everywhere yet.

For anyone using GraphQL or Integration Fields we will be able to activate it for you from next week. We’ll update you here once this is possible :slight_smile:

For everyone else not using GraphQL or Integration Fields we can activate it for you now, just send us a private message with your repository name, as described here:

Thanks and apologies for the confusion.

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Nice point.

Instagram embed does not working :frowning:

Phil, thank you for your reply.

Currently we are using Integration fields, so i will wait for this fix in the next week.