Twitter embed stopped working on prismic

Hello guys, once more, my team is having troubles embedding twitter links. This has been working in the past, but for the last 3-4 days, it suddenly stopped working.

The error message is - this link does not support OEmbed. This is very crucial for us, please can someone investigate and help

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Hi Harrison,

It seems like Twitter changed their OEmbed specifications. We’re looking in to this and we’ll update you once we know more.


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Great, please do, it is a crucial fix please

@Phil, twitter still not working, when will this get fixed, this is very urgent

The team are working hard on this to get this fixed. We agree this is urgent. Once it’s deployed we’ll update you here.


Hi @harrisonifeanyichukw
Thanks for pointing out this issue, we’re currently working on fix.
Meanwhile you can add tweets but you must add this to the start of the link

so this tweet


Well, that is a bit good, but non technical members will feel odd about this. I think i have to use a web link for this. and sort this out myself instead of using the oembed functionality. Till this gets fixed

@Phil, @marc.mcintosh, any update on this? the last suggestion you made @marc.mcintosh does not work

Hi @harrisonifeanyichukw

The display will still say null (we’re working on that) but you will be able to save and publish the document and then check it in the api browser.