Airtable embed link doesn't save in the embed link

Hey everyone,

According to this article, I can embed Airtables using Prismic.

I added an embed field, but whenever I try to paste and save an embed link from Airtable ( - it doesn't work.

I save and then whenever I reload the field is empty. I thought that it is a visual bug, but whenever I query that content, it is empty.

Could someone help out with this?


I figured it out - don't use the embed URL. Instead, paste the share URL, eg

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@Phil Could you mention the dev team here? It would be nice if the embed link was parsed correctly as well as the share link :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @kris & @marcellothearcane,

I just tested this on my side and had no issue.

Can you send me the URL of your repository so I can test further?



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Thanks, I was able to re-create the issue. I'm going to pass this to the dev team and I'll update you once I have more information.

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This is being tracked as an open issue, if anything changes we'll update you here.

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