Airtable - Integration fields

Hi all,

We are looking to a better solution for asset management in a multilingual environment.
The current Media Library in Prismic can be a little limited from time-to-time and get really cluttered.

We have the same asset, but it needs "language specific" alt tags and filenames.
So, currently they get duplicated with the correct information.

We are looking if Airtable, because the've a nice overview can create a DAM for us, we don't want to embed, we want to use the actual data in Prismic, so we want to use integration fields with Airtable instead to search throught the data and use it in Prismic.

Of coarse the format coming from Airtable is not suitable yet to go directly into Prismic, so we where curious to here if someone already did this before and wants to share their thoughts/solution with us.

Many thanks in advance, other tips are welcome too of coarse.

Hey @jeroen_prismicio, thanks for reaching out!
For the moment we don’t have an example of how this could be done besides using an Embed field. One solution could be to use the individual alt fields that each Image field has within a document

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