Integration Fields and Images / Importing from AirTable

Hello all,

We are looking to synchronize data that the business stores on AirTable into Prismic (to display in our app). Say, a list of houses, each house having an address and a varying number of images of each house.

The integration fields look like the perfect fit for the data. My question is on the images. Will Prismic slurp the image and add a copy to the media library? (Airtable will only provide links to images with a short expiry life).
Image URLs and SEO - #6 by samlittlefair seems to suggest the images wouldn't be ingested - and I'm not so sure on how to handle a varying number of images.

Any other suggestion for syncing the data?


Hey @andre2. You're correct, when integrating with AirTable, Prismic does not automatically add images to the media library. Instead, the image URLs are just available in the airtable itself.

You can either build a custom API integration to fetch data from AirTable following the specific structure of a Custom API integration, or manually add the links to the airtable with a Link or Embed field in Prismic.